Monday, April 4, 2011

Uttarhalli Lake

This is a newly renovated lake and a big one too. At present there is no water in this lake and is like a nice play ground. But soon this rainy roason it will be back into its original form. One side of the lake is now a Lakeview apartment from Rainbow builders. This is certainly an encroachment and authorities have taken money and approved the construction. Last to last year I had seen the water on other side of lake and actually it was same as this side of lake. I think, someone should take up strict action against these things.

Anyhow, the other side is very well maintained. I think, if it rains heavily the BDA might have a plan to start a boat club there. They have already constructed a room - a ticket collecting room. Whatever it is, this rainy season we will have another place to go for a nice evening walk (along with hundreds of people though ;-)

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