Monday, April 4, 2011

Subramanyapura Lake

This lake is in subramanyapura (in between vasanthpura and uttarhalli). This lake is totally filled with these green marshes. I never understood whether its a good thing for lakes or a bad thing. May be it protects from sun light so the lakes wont dry up quickly. But the looks of the lake is gone. You cant see any water body in it except at a couple of places. This lake is not well maintained also. There is one temple adjacent to lake, not a big one. So in case the lake is cleaned and maintained, that temple will be a nice sit out place. There is a road that goes from one side of the lake. When I look at the other side of the lake, that also is very low lying area. So mainly I feel the size of the lake is reduced by authorities. Long back it might be say 50 acres and if there is no rain for a year, the governing body might take up 10 acres of that lake into residential area and approve the road in between? Is it not possible. Thats what I feel has happened for this lake and also for Uttarhalli lake.

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