Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ulsoor Lake

This time I had to go to Bangalore’s main Gurudwara in Ulsuru and there I saw this beautiful lake. This is well maintained late by Govt  and is one of the famous lakes (approx 125 acres) in Bangalore and is very much clean. There is boating also in this lake but the entry to boat club is not well maintained. I felt that the charges for boating are reasonable. As per the person driving the motor boat, the depth is upto 20ft at some places. So there is plenty of water. But the main source of water is still direct rainwater. I don’t know whether the rainwater drained from roads can come to this lake, at least I did not see any proper entry.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ullal Lake

This lake is under a major renovation and the big water supply (drainage) passing adjacent to lake is now having a separate channel – it won’t be mixed with lake water. This lake has been cleaned and is fenced, but right now there is no water. If the lake is filled, the excess water will come to the other side of lake – right now there is some water in that area. Again,I need to revisit this lake when water is there in the lake, that would be a different and nice view. 

Similar to the Malathalli lake, this lake is also having a separate tank for Ganapati Visarjan (a Kalyani) – one corner of lake, but is a separate tank.

Mallathalli Kere

It was a nice surprise to see this lake after visiting Deepanjali Nagar lake. Its way inside and may be a couple of kilometers from Ullal lake.After many days I have seen such a big lake, well fenced, remote – so not much spoiled by plastics or garbage. It is having lot of water and might be deep also. I did not get any information written by BBMP on the size of lake or any additional information. May be they will do it slowly.  

One thing to notice is that they have a separate tank for Ganapati Visarjan (a Kalyani) – one corner of lake, but is a separate tank. That way BBMP can keep the lake clean and can immerse many ganapati idols also during festival. The pavement surrounding the lake is still muddy and no stone work is done. But once that is done, it would be a few KMs walk to take one round of this lake.

Deepanjali Nagar Lake

I had visited this lake a couple of times but as it was in the evening, so could not take proper photos. Now today when I went there after almost 3-4 months, I see a big difference. The renovation is going on in this lake and now it is well fenced.  This lake will have a public park and a lake together. Adjacent to this lake, there is drainage – so basically we have continuous water supply. Yes, strange but its good to have some water supply nearby. May be previously this was directly linked to lake and now they are making sure that this water does not reach the lake. 
I did not see any water purification plant near this lake – but may be it might be on its way. If that is done and purified water is put in lake, this will also be one of the beautiful lakes to visit.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Nayandahalli Lake

This Lake is actually just in between the Mysore road and Nayandahalli railway station. There are mid/low income apartments on Mysore road – the lake is just behind that. But seeing the lake from railway station is a better option. There is again no water in this lake and the other side of the lake is very dirty.

Size: 15 acre 10 gunte ( Ref: 'Kere Karaguva Samaya'- R.Manjunath)

Kengeri Lake

When I used to go to Mysore, I have seen this lake with lots of water. It is actually a big lake and there used to be boating in this lake. Somehow, this is the first time I am seeing it so dry. While I was taking photo of this lake, an elderly uncle came and told me that every day by around 6:00 - 6:30 pm, hundreds of birds come there, drink water and fly away. I also saw many birds this time, even with so little water. Also, I think this lake is under renovation plan by Govt.  Just the other side of lake there is a water purification plant. So similar to the Doraikere (near ISRO layout), this lake can also be filled with water after purification