Sunday, March 24, 2013

Nayandahalli Lake

This Lake is actually just in between the Mysore road and Nayandahalli railway station. There are mid/low income apartments on Mysore road – the lake is just behind that. But seeing the lake from railway station is a better option. There is again no water in this lake and the other side of the lake is very dirty.

Kengeri Lake

When I used to go to Mysore, I have seen this lake with lots of water. It is actually a big lake and there used to be boating in this lake. Somehow, this is the first time I am seeing it so dry. While I was taking photo of this lake, an elderly uncle came and told me that every day by around 6:00 - 6:30 pm, hundreds of birds come there, drink water and fly away. I also saw many birds this time, even with so little water. Also, I think this lake is under renovation plan by Govt.  Just the other side of lake there is a water purification plant. So similar to the Doraikere (near ISRO layout), this lake can also be filled with water after purification

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Feb 2013: On 16th Feb 2013, hundreds of people formed a human chain as a notice to Govt to take care of this lake. The Arekere Neighborhood Improvement Trust was behind this activity. Hope things improve.
Jan 2013: This is a very big area (approx. 30 acres as mentioned in “Kere karaguava samaya – R. Manjunath”). This is a protected area from all sides. There is no sign board from BBMP or lake development authority about this lake. Only at the entrance of lake from bannergatta road, I could see some clear water and a few birds. But according to this book, there is no proper drainage in this area and the sewerage is directly merged into this lake. Rest of the lake is having marshes and plants which are upto 6-7 feet high. So it is not easy to figure out whether there is water in it or only sewerage. But one thing is certain, the area can’t be hygienic and lake needs to be cleaned up by BBMP. What puzzles me is it is one of the big lakes and nobody is taking measures to clean it.


Doraikere revisited - Feb 2013: A surprise!!! Never in the last 4-5 years I have seen such an excellent  work done by govt. The 28 acre lake is completely rejuvenated. There is a water purification plant which is pumping the water into this lake from the near by drainage channel - after purification. I could see some new variety of birds there and the whole area is such a wonderful experience. Kudos to govt!!! Hip Hip Hurrah. The recent photo is uploaded below

April 2011: This lake is situated near ISRO layout, Vasantha Pura or may be actually in vittal nagar. At present there is no water in this lake. But once a forest officer at Madiwala told me that they lakes are cleaned every 15 years. So mostly I find that its cleaned up last year. So in case it rains heavily this year, this will be a wonderful lake. The lake is now properly compounded. Circling this lake the pavement is not yet done. But I think that will be there in the plan. Actually its a nice low lying area so I feel that this year after the heavy rains, this will be a nice lake.

The google map view is also shown here.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Begur Lake

I had seen this lake from NICE road (from bannergatta to Electronic city). Looked like a very big lake from that side. Then came back on internal road and finally reached this lake. (According to “Kere karaguava samaya – R. Manjunath, this lake is very old one – has a history of approx. 1300 years – also 324 acres). It is very clean and very large lake. I think it is one of the big lakes I have seen so far. It was like a small picnic place and some families were there enjoying the beauty. I could not see any board near the fence about the size and any other info about this lake.  

Meenakshi Lake

We can see this lake only when we travel on NICE road (from bannergatta to Electronic city).  This is a very clean, fenced, small lake and is having some water in it. There were some local people washing cloths there.

Gottigere Lake

This is such a big area at the intersection of NICE road and bannergatta road. There was no water in it in most of the lake, may be in some area ther was small water. So actually looked like a low lying cricket ground to me. There is LDA board but does not have any information about lake (approx. 20 acres as mentioned in “Kere karaguava samaya – R. Manjunath)