Sunday, June 10, 2012

Doddakalsandra Lake

This was like a total surprise to me. After looking into google maps I went to see this lake. I did not find ny entrance to this lake. The entrance is in between the kumarans school building and the parking lot and will definitely go unnoticed as it looks like to garbage dumping yard. Fortunately as its not accessible easily to the people, when I went inside to my surprise it’s the best lake so far that I have seen and written in my blogs. Absolutely clean water, no plastic and really nice and with some nice birds, ducks – its amazing to see such a place. The only thing is the school should keep the entrance clean and also can keep the footpath surrounding the lake clean. I am confused whether it should be made easily accessible to ‘US’ the destroyers of lakes or its better that the entrance is unclean so that the lake can be clean.

Size: 21 acre - Ref: 'Kere Karaguva Samaya' - R. Manjunath

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