Saturday, October 20, 2012

Madiwala Lake

After a long time, I went to some big lakes of Blore and Madiwala lake (in BTM) is certainly one of them. We can see that the Govt has taken some interest in restoring the lake. There is a good amount of water here and some places those marshes. I think they avoid the evaporation, but if we cover the lake with that only then we lose the beauty as well. I have to read and understand a bit about it.
I had been to this lake a year back for tree plantation. Those trees are grown a bit, but will certainly take a few years to see them as fully grown trees. Here there is a separate parking area and also the entry to the lake is through the adjacent garden. There is entry fee (Rs. 5) and parking fee (Rs 10 for bike) in this lake, though nominal only.
I went to the boating  (Rs 100) for half an hour. It was a very nice afternoon, a bit cloudy, cold – so in all did not feel the heat. Saw a couple of very big birds – some ducks, egrets/herons and a few unknown ones ;-)


  1. Thanks for your blog, it would be helpful if you also added the timings of the lake for the newcomers to bangalore

  2. It was lovely reading your blog post. The Madiwala Lake in Bangalore is one of the biggest lakes in the city. The lake is a home to many migratory birds. Click here to know more about Madiwala lake.