Sunday, February 17, 2013


Doraikere revisited - Feb 2013: A surprise!!! Never in the last 4-5 years I have seen such an excellent  work done by govt. The 28 acre lake is completely rejuvenated. There is a water purification plant which is pumping the water into this lake from the near by drainage channel - after purification. I could see some new variety of birds there and the whole area is such a wonderful experience. Kudos to govt!!! Hip Hip Hurrah. The recent photo is uploaded below

April 2011: This lake is situated near ISRO layout, Vasantha Pura or may be actually in vittal nagar. At present there is no water in this lake. But once a forest officer at Madiwala told me that they lakes are cleaned every 15 years. So mostly I find that its cleaned up last year. So in case it rains heavily this year, this will be a wonderful lake. The lake is now properly compounded. Circling this lake the pavement is not yet done. But I think that will be there in the plan. Actually its a nice low lying area so I feel that this year after the heavy rains, this will be a nice lake.

The google map view is also shown here.

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