Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dodda Nagamangala Lake

This is the water body which is present in Dodda Nagamangala (Behind electronic city phase 2). In this image D-link and Fidelity company buildings can also be seen. At first in google maps I was not able to trace out this lake. But when the map is set in satellite mode, the below image could be traced out. Here I am posting the other side of lake where there is water. If I upload many photos, one day i will run into trouble of uploading it. So decided that will upload only two/three photos for each lake. Actually I could not capture it properly in my camera but there is some water in that lake (this side as well) ;-). I am calling it as a lake but this is what Govt calls it. I don't know what it means but at least Govt knows this property for sure. The other side of lake is a home for some beautiful birds. I think after a couple of years these birds have to find a new house. Blore is no safe place for them.
When I went one tracter is dumping some garbage in this lake. Actually there is nothing much left to call it as a lake. Except a hope that one day it will be clean and maintained by Govt. Right now there is some contruction going around this area. The builders encroach the lake and Govt keeps watching it.

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